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Staying Power

The Philistines had moved in and captured a field that was a food supply for David’s army. Left alone to face the enemy, Shammah stood, defended it, and refused to be moved (2 Sam. 23:11-12). Shammah, one of David’s mighty men, stationed himself in the middle of the field and the Lord brought a great victory that day. He was standing his ground while others were running for their lives. He had staying power and in spite of tremendous odds, he experienced a decisive victory that put the enemy on the run and brought glory to God. As children of God, there are certain things that we must embrace and stay with consistently to get winning results.

First of all, we must stay with God’s Word. Under David’s leadership, Shammah learned to value and highly esteem God’s Word. The Word transformed this man’s life. Instead of being fearful, he became courageous. He saw himself as God saw him – a man in covenant with God.

As we walk with God, staying fervent is another quality that we should totally embrace and never abandon. Shammah became one of David’s mighty men. He stood out in the crowd. He was enthusiastic concerning the things of God. God wants His people to be passionate and full of fire.

Finally, staying faithful and having a “stick with it” attitude becomes a stepping stone and a proving ground, and it ensures promotion. Instead of Shammah staying in debt, distressed, and discontented, he began to experience the blessings of God. As one of David’s mighty men, he was “out of debt, financially set, and had every need met.” God rewards faithfulness. .

Just like Shammah, staying with these realities will put you over and cause you to walk in God’s plan and purpose for your life. Don’t let the enemy take what belongs to you. Stand up, stand on the Word, and refuse to move. And just like Shammah, you will experience the staying power that brings forth victory in your life!

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