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Having Done All To Stand

Having Done All, To Stand

by Sherry Jones

Many Christians often do not know whether it is God or the devil doing things in their lives. Some say, “Maybe the Lord is trying to teach me something.” However, it is very easy to know the source of good and evil. The New Living Testament says in James 1:14, “Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father.”

Many of the things we pray about come to pass in this earthly realm. And Satan is at work here in the natural realm. He will put up every roadblock he can to keep the blessings of God from coming to pass. But whenever there is the least delay, some people say, “Maybe God doesn’t want me to have this after all.” But we are to stand our ground.

When Kenneth E. Hagin was six years old, his father left home, his mother had a complete nervous breakdown and they went to live with his grandparents. His mother would have times where she would want to kill herself. They would have to watch her so that she didn’t get hold of a knife or something dangerous. She was sent to the Baptist hospital to see a leading nerve specialist to correct her blindness. But he said to her, “Concerning your nerves, you can do more for yourself than anyone else can and more than any medication could for you. The main thing to do is this. Talk to yourself when you feel these attacks coming on. The Bible says, ‘And having done all, to stand. Stand therefore…’ Say to yourself, ‘No, I am not going to have an attack.’” She did what the doctor said and stood her ground. She refused to have any more attacks. There were a few times she would start to go into one of those periods of depression but she stood her ground and every symptom left. For more than fifty years after that, she never had any mental problems.

If you want to walk in victory, recognize that the source of all opposition is Satan, and you must stand against him. Don’t give the devil the pleasure of seeing you depressed or hearing you say negative things. Just let the devil know you are fighting the good fight of faith and that you are standing your ground.

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