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A Must For All Christians

by Sherry Jones

When we were born again, God Himself moved into us. Not only did He move in, but He brought all of His “stuff” with Him. Knowing that God not only lives in Heaven but also in our heart is a powerful reality. Everything changed when we received Jesus as our Lord and Savior. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost moved in to our recreated spirits. We became a new creation and God took up residence within us. Becoming God inside minded is a must for all Christians.

Many times, Christians have trouble believing the Word of God. Circumstances look bad and they feel defeated. But knowing that God lives big on the inside of you will change everything. Believing and acting on the Word in the midst of difficult situations will bringing success in every outcome.

It takes more than just reading the Bible to grow spiritually. God doesn’t want just a “mental assent” to the Word – He wants us to believe it. The Word in our heart makes a difference in our life. Learning how to meditate on the Word of God will move us into a believing faith that always receives. Reverend Kenneth Copeland said, “Meditation of God’s Word can affect your life in a way that almost nothing else can.”

God doesn’t want us to hesitate or doubt when it comes to believing His Word. God told Joshua to “meditate on the Word day and night” and then he would be prosperous and successful (Joshua 1:8). Don’t just read the Word but meditate on it. Kenneth Copeland also said, “The Word of God is our first source, our first line of defense, and the final word on any matter you’re facing.”


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