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How Giants Fall

First Samuel, chapter 17 relates the story of the battle between the Philistines, led by Goliath, and the army of Israel. As David approached the battlefield, he saw the army of Israel in a panic and running for their lives. Even though all of the Israelites were “covenant people,” only one individual that day understood and believed it. Instead of being intimidated by Goliath, David asked, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God” (1 Sam. 17:26)? David dealt with this situation as a covenant man. He understood that God is totally committed to those who love and obey Him. That means that everything God is and everything God has is available to everyone who is in covenant with Him.

David was not intimidated by Goliath. David wasn’t expecting a giant that day but because he understood his covenant with God, he was uniquely prepared to do battle in ways the rest of the army was not.

  1. His faith was bold. He showed no weakness in his response to the threat the Philistine army was imposing. David took the offensive and challenged the challenger.

  2. His faith had corresponding actions. He was not fearful or timid. Because of his covenant, he knew he had the victory and acted like it. He was full of faith and power.

  3. His faith had a voice. Faith believes and speaks. David was speaking to the giant – announcing and declaring what was about to happen. There is no such thing as silent faith!

That day, David may have looked unprepared and unarmed but he had exactly what he needed. His faith had a voice, his faith had corresponding actions, and his faith was bold and confident. He had a covenant with God and to him, that’s all that mattered.

Giants represent problems and situations that stand between us and the will of God for our lives. But we have something better than David had. Hebrews 8:6 says we have “a better covenant which was established upon better promises.” Verses 7-13 go on to detail the benefits of this new covenant which we have in Jesus Christ. David overcame his “giants” under the Old Covenant through faith. Faith works the same way in every generation and in every situation. But like David, we must be bold, act like the Bible is true, and speak to our mountain! And as we do, just like David, we will overcome our giants.

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