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That I May Know Him

The Bible has got to become more than just information. God’s Word must become revelation to us. The Apostle Paul understood the power of revelation and the profound effect that it would have upon our lives. Paul’s great desire was to know God. The Amplified Translation says in Philippians 3:10, “That I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him.” Paul was crying out for revelation knowledge or heart knowledge – not head knowledge. We cannot investigate the things of God from an intellectual standpoint. The devil will try to keep us in the mental realm but when revelation happens, it changes the way we see God, the way we see ourselves, the way we see the devil, and the way we see our circumstances. When revelation comes, we begin to see ourselves in the light of redemption and we begin walking in the reality of what Christ has done for us. Revelation changes everything! The Word of God in our heart will make the difference. God’s Words will cause us to think like God. God’s Words will separate us from small thinking, and negative and wrong thinking. God wants to drop His revelation on the inside of us. Knowledge of God does not come through the five senses or through our intellect. To receive revelation knowledge, the Word must be engrafted in us. For this to occur, we must meditate in the Word just like David did. He looked at the Word, muttered the Word, and “chewed” on it over and over until he started seeing something.

We must become one with the Word. When this happens, the Word becomes more real than our feelings, circumstances, or someone else’s opinion.Because of revelation knowledge, we will grow spiritually and our faith will become steadfast and unmovable. Because of revelation knowledge, God’s Word becomes reality – not just written words. God knows that you’ve got to see things you’ve never seen before in order to do things you’ve never done before. Revelation changes everything!

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