Moving Forward In the Things of God

Moving Forward In the Things of God

As the children of Israel made their way toward the promised land, they became discouraged. The scripture says in Numbers 21:4, “And they journeyed from Mount Hor by the way of the Red Sea … and some of the people was much discouraged because of the way.” The Amplified Bible says, “The people became impatient (depressed, much discouraged), because of the trials by the way.” Instead of looking at the good things that God had done for them, they focused on their day-to-day circumstances and became discouraged.

If Israel could become discouraged in their walk with God, it could also happen to us. What can we do as believers that would keep us from discouragement and cause us to experience the promises of God? We must always surround ourselves with that which produces faith. The scripture says in several different places that “the just shall live by faith” so we must build on the Word of God and not on experience. As believers, we are not to be moved by what we see or hear but only by what we believe. When Satan takes a “swing” at you, if you know the Word and it is on the inside of you, then you can say, “It is written,” and just like Jesus did, you will put the devil on the run. Most people are afraid of the devil. They would rather hide from him than stand against him. But we must boldly proclaim by faith what is ours according to the Word. God doesn’t want us to become discouraged like the children of Israel did, but He wants us to be encouraged and moving forward in the things of God.

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