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How to Reach Your Dreams

How To Reach Your Dreams

by Sherry Jones

Joseph was a man that had a dream from God, but it did not come without some dips and bumps in the road. At times, the path that he traveled was not smooth or easy. In fact, it looked as if he was going backwards instead of moving forward in the plan of God. Joseph could have been discouraged and disappointed because of what people did to him. He could have wallowed in self-pity because of his circumstances. He could have given up on his dream, but he didn’t. Just like Joseph, everyone will have the opportunity to be disappointed. Problems are designed by the enemy to get us off course and ultimately, to persuade us to stop doing God’s will. Disappointment is one of the strategies the enemy uses to stop us. They come in many ways, but the Lord has something better for us. Divine appointments await.

Just because the road is rough doesn’t mean things are over for us. God still valued Joseph and never forgot about him. Regardless of the adversity, Joseph kept rising to the top and promotion kept occurring, first from Potiphar’s house, and then out of the prison to stand before Pharoah. One day, Joseph left the prison, never to return, because he believed that he had some divine appointments. Just like Joseph, you’ve got some divine appointments. To see them come to pass, you must keep believing and speaking the Word and keep rejoicing no matter how impossible the circumstances may seem. You will discover that God has not forgotten you. So don’t quit and don’t give up because God will fulfill His plans for your life in ways you could never imagine.

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